Heart variety

When we decided to buy a house in 2022, remodel it and rent it out as a vacation home, the North Sea was to blame.

Our idea was born on the beach of Sankt Peter-Ording, in this endless expanse. A place that grounds and inspires at the same time. Here the head becomes free and you suddenly feel very light. Sankt Peter-Ording is a place of the heart that you don’t have to look far for. Our vacation home has also become a place of heart for us – and hopefully for you as well.

There are many places in North Friesland that lie hidden and that you discover with time like little treasures. At this point we would like to introduce you to our heart places. Please also note the stores and restaurants listed here, which are run by their owners with a lot of heart.

Happy Picnic Family (May to October)
Distance 2 km
With the family fun basket we send you to a place that simply makes a family happy. Our place of happiness conjures up laughter, pleasure and amazement on the faces of your children.
Info: City of Toenning, Tourist Info 04861/614-20

Salt marshes St. Peter-Ording-Bad
Distance 26 km
The salt marshes of St. Peter-Ording are a natural transition between land and sea. On one side is the mudflat, on the other the dike and in between the salt marshes.

Salt&Silver by the sea
Distance 25 km
In the casual beach bar ambience, the first-class team conjures up creative dishes with a Nordic spirit using the best ingredients from the region. Delicacies grilled over an open fire and wonderful desserts.
Info: saltandsilver.com

Westerheversand lighthouse
Distance 27 km
Visit the famous Westerhever lighthouse, which can only be reached on foot or by bike. On the way back you can walk along the historic Stockenstieg through the salt marshes.
Info: 04865/1206

Experience promenade St. Peter-Ording
Distance 11,5 km
The adventure promenade in St. Peter-Ording is one of the most popular attractions in St. Peter-Ording. Fitness areas, playgrounds, sunbathing lawns, a viewing platform, a biotope and a family meeting place complete the offer.
Info: Tourist Info 04863/9990

Spielwaren Mondenkind, St.-Peter Ording (Bad)
Distance 25 km
Wolfgang and his family are the right placefor anyone who likes to look for high-quality games in really good toy stores. He knows every game he has on offer – and beware – he wins (almost) every audition with a thieving smile. Many of our games come from here – his YouTube channel is also great.
Info: mondenkind.de / Youtube Mondenkind

Canal maiden in Friedrichstadt
Distance 17 km
Janina at Grachtenfräulein offers tea and delicacies such as regional jams and honey, as well as great gift ideas such as her lovingly designed hampers. Teas and homemade soaps from our welcome bag also come from her small but fine store.
Info: grachtenfraeulein.de

Art.flowers in Tönning
Distance 2 km
You won’t find a flower store with an attached gallery as exceptional as Britta Schopf’s – artist and florist – anywhere else. Her flower arrangements resemble works of art. Most of the pictures in our vacation home come from your gallery.
Info: brittaschopf.de

Sunset in Pellworm
Distance 65 km
If you love sunsets, you should come to Pellworm at the Hoog ferry. Here, the setting sun has the perfect stage: In the foreground, boats bob picturesquely in the Wadden Sea. The distinctive silhouettes of the Halligen Hooge and Langeness appear on the horizon.
Info: pellworm.com