House rules

Have fun on vacation. Nevertheless, we have established some rules that we hope will meet with your understanding. By treating the house with care, you will help us to be able to offer you and other guests pleasant accommodation in the future as well.


Please handle the furnishings and inventory with care and treat the object with care.


Please put dishes, pots and cutlery in the cupboards only in clean and dry condition. Do not place hot pots and other hot objects on tables or work surfaces without a trivet. Always use a cutting board as a base for cutting. Keep the interior of the oven and microwave clean.


Please report any damage directly immediately. The lessee is liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs.


Ventilate rooms at least 1x a day for 5-10 minutes, especially after showering.

Due diligence

When leaving the house, lock the front door and close all windows.


Economical use of water and electricity.


Waste is separated into residual waste, paper and packaging with the green dot. Appropriate receptacles are available on the property.


We are not liable for valuables of the guest.


Pets are not allowed.


Smoking is not allowed in the cottage.

Resting time

In the interest of good neighborly relations, we ask that you respect public rest periods such as midday, nighttime and Sunday rest.

House right

In case of immediately necessary repairs or to avert danger, it may be necessary to enter the vacation home without the guest’s knowledge.


We assume no liability for vehicles parked or maneuvered on the property and their contents. Charging of vehicles through our power grid is not allowed.