Laundry room

The washing machine and dryer are located in the laundry room behind the kitchen. In the laundry room there is also a clothes horse and there are enough clothespins.

Washing machine and dryer

A small supply of sustainable detergent from everdrop is available for the first few washes. The washing machine is operated as follows: select the program button of the type of laundry, set the temperature, and then simply press the start button. After washing, please leave the door open so that the washing machine dries.

The dryer is self-explanatory, as is the washing machine. Basically, the program is selected first and then the start button is pressed. After the end of the drying process, please clean the lint filter and lift the water tank out of the door and empty it.

Load the dryer and washing machine as full as possible. Use the clothes rack instead of the dryer for small amounts of laundry.

Laundry baskets

In the laundry room there are two laundry baskets and some clothespins.


Bottles of detergent from the company everdrop hang above the washing machine. The sustainable and 100% vegan cleaning agents complement the sustainability concept of our house. In our welcome package you will find refill tabs for the universal cleaner.


If you want to iron a garment, you will find an ironing board to the right of the laundry room door. Above it hangs the iron.


To the right of the heater is a sink, here you can empty the water from the dryer.


Below you will find selected pieces from our laundry room with the possibility to purchase them via a link. The general terms and conditions of the respective provider apply.

Electrolux L6FBA648 Washing Machine, Amazon
Hoover H-DRY 500 Heat Pump Dryer, Amazon
Miele Classic C1 Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon
IKEA Platsa shelf, IKEA