Millions of people around the world swear by it – at any time of day or night: the indispensable coffee. What could be better than enjoying a cup of fresh, hot and deliciously fragrant coffee? Whether in the early morning after waking up, for breakfast, accompanied by a delicious piece of cake or simply as a pick-me-up in between.

For us, the MoccaMaster coffee machine is second to none, and of course it is a must in our vacation home. The MoccaMaster is our absolute favorite among filter coffee machines. We were not only impressed by its simple design and ease of use, but also by its taste.

We have sworn by the MoccaMaster at home for years, because it allows us to prepare large quantities of coffee quickly – without compromising on taste. This is not a matter of course with filter coffee machines. They often tend to burn the coffee with water that is too hot or brew it too quickly, which leads to disappointing results.

The MoccaMaster brews filter coffee that can actually match the quality of hand-brewed coffee. Good design is important to us, but functionality comes first. Both apply to the MoccaMaster. We think it integrates perfectly into any kitchen and still shines even after many years.

The special feature of the MoccaMaster is its gentle brewing process, in which the coffee powder is evenly infused with 96°C hot water through nine fine valves. You can clearly taste this in the result. The MoccaMaster can bring out even the finest nuances, and we were particularly impressed by its taste with larger quantities of coffee.

In terms of preparation, the machine is based on the convenient approach of conventional coffee machines: grind the coffee, determine the amount of water, switch on and enjoy.

We recommend the MoccaMaster to anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on first-class coffee even when making more than two cups. The MoccaMaster also scores points for its durability (5-year guarantee), extremely easy preparation, consistently clear taste and great time savings.