Explore Eiderstedt peninsula

Situated directly on the Wadden Sea National Park and World Heritage Site, St. Peter-Ording, the Höllander town of Friedrichsstadt, Tönning and the Westerhever lighthouse are the best-known destinations on the Eiderstedt peninsula.

Whether active by bike, on a cultural tour along the numerous galleries, churches and museums, on a gourmet tour through the cafes and restaurants – discover Eiderstedt and dive into your vacation world.

Like a nose, the Eiderstedt peninsula juts into the North Sea south of the North Frisian district town of Husum. It was created by embankments, which began as early as the year 1000. The three islands Everschop (near Garding), Eiderstedt (near Tönning) and Utholm (near Tating) formed today’s headland. Well known are especially the towns of St. Peter-Ording, Friedrichstadt, Tönning and Garding as well as the lighthouse Westerhever, the landmark of the peninsula.

At the southernmost point, the gigantic Eider barrage has been protecting the peninsula from storm surges since 1973. During the construction of the barrier, the Katinger Watt was cut off from the sea. The area in the middle of the Wadden Sea World Heritage has become a habitat for many species of birds and plants. Hiking trails and observation towers invite you to explore.

Eiderstedt can be discovered in many ways – whether actively by bike, on a cultural tour along the numerous galleries, churches and museums or on a gourmet tour through the cafes and restaurants.

Tönning: Experience harbor flair on the Eider River
Distance 0,5 km
The harbor with the Packhaus and the pretty old town characterize Tönning. The Multimar Wattforum is also worth a visit.

Westerhever lighthouse
Distance 10,27 km
The lighthouse Westerhever near St. Peter-Ording is the most famous destination on the North Frisian peninsula.

Friedrichstadt: canals, boats, gabled houses
Distance 11,45 km
In the North Frisian town, many things are reminiscent of the Netherlands. Visitors can set off on a canal tour.

St. Peter-Ording: Beach to the horizon
Distance 18.65 km
Twelve kilometers of fine sandy beach make SPO one of the most popular resorts on the North Sea coast.

Husum: North Sea, beach and harbor flair
Distance 18.72 km
Theodor Storm once called it the “gray city by the sea”. Today Husum shows itself colorful and with many sights.

Pellworm: The green North Sea island
Distance 28.28 km
The third largest North Frisian island has largely preserved its originality and attracts with a lot of greenery.